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Nordic Walking in Alta Badia

Fun walking tours with spectacular panoramas

Nordic walking is the sporting craze of recent years… Whether young or old, everyone enjoys walking! Nordic walking was originally intended as training for top athletes and is the best full-body outdoor workout.

If the correct technique is used, 90% of all muscles, i.e. more than 600 muscles are constantly in motion. You burn 400 calories an hour and, with correct use of arm and leg muscles, the tempo and effectiveness of the workout can be increased still further. Nordic walking spreads the strain across the whole body and protects knee and ankle joints. Walking protects the cardiovascular system far better than jogging.
Ciasa Roby Nordic walking tips
  • Use our Nordic walking poles free of charge
  • Giorgio will accompany you on tours of the area
  • Explore 400 km of walking paths in Alta Badia

Time to go Nordic walking in Alta Badia!
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